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Firstly, let me get this out of the box so that we are all on the same page: I am going to stick to a writing method that has as its main goal to inform, interact, and do so quickly. That means I may publish posts without thoroughly proofreading, revising, and perfecting the content. It is more important to publish than to perfect. This means there may be plenty of errors of commission and omission, as well as mis-spellings, grammatical errors, and perhaps even only partially well worn ideas. My philosophy is to engage in “experiments in living” as John Stuart Mill described in On Liberty:

” As it is useful that while mankind are imperfect there should be different opinions, so is it that there should be different experiments of living; that free scope should be given to varieties of character, short of injury to others; and that the worth of different modes of life should be proved practically, when any one thinks fit to try them.”

I may “try out” opinions in order to simply gauge their effectiveness or to invert the idea and look at it from the opposing view. This means it is not likely that I will ever have a central set of beliefs that prescribe everything I write. I may change my mind frequently as new facts emerge. The dialectic between the writer and reader, or even the writer and himself will determine the truth or get closer to it. It is through action that I strive to more perfectly make a thingI prefer readers to comment and comment often. I won’t be offended or fluffed by criticism or praise. The objective is for us to learn together. I am merely providing subject guidance.

The overarching theme here will be finance and economy, a contrarian view of such, and a guiding spirit of freedom. We will explore ideas involving saving and investing strategy, taxes and how to pay less of them, free trade and its role in price discovery, voluntary exchange and how natural laws overrule those imposed by the state. We will talk some libertarian (small l) ethos here and there, and view current events through that lens. Book reviews and recommendations will be regular order. I would not rule out completely random and arbitrary letters on occasion. It’ll be fun. Trust me.

signing off – Josh – January 31, 2017

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