Step 1

You need financial guidance. It’s simple. You love building furniture. You’re days are filled with code. At night before bed, you think about order flow. Your time is filled with managing people. Every day escapes your ability to finish a project. All of our lives are filled with meaning, in what we do, who we touch, what is created. Time is something that we trade for money. Our goals and dreams are products of this process of obsession.

What about the money?

Where does money come from? In its most basic form, it arrives on the 3am train from our employer to our checking account; sometimes Fridays, other times on the 5th and 25th. It arrives as a number, and as 0’s and 1’s. We see it briefly, and then send it magically over the air to those whom we owe.

What is left?

You need money guidance.

What if I could help? For free? Always free. Let me know your questions, and I will attempt to answer them. I think that my advice will earn you a lot more money than you already have. I think that the world is a game and you can be a better player. I can teach you.

So STEP 1.

What is you question about money?

Comment below and I will begin with the answers.

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